So what's your call on this one!
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Thread: So what's your call on this one!

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    So what's your call on this one!

    Okay, can't find link to the youtube video, just seen it on the news, so armed crack head robs drug store, 4 cops beat the crap out of him once he finally gives up from the run.

    Are they justified?
    The news media are making the police look as criminals.

    Did he deserve it?
    He is a known drug addict, and most likely this isn't the first crime he has done.
    On top of that, he was running away from police.

    What's my opinon?
    Well a can of worms, I think the police should be allowed to use lesson beatings as a deterant for repeat criminals.

    If the police catch you speeding over 40, they are judge and jury right on the spot, what makes even worse crime any different?
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    There is always bad apples in every group.
    These 4 officers have been suspended.

    Here's the details:

    Published on Feb 21, 2013

    Four police officers Barbara Provencher, Dominique Pronovost, Marc-André St-Amant & Keven Deslauriers from Trois-Rivières,Qc,Canada have been suspended with pay over possible misconduct, CBC Radio-Canada has learned.
    The suspensions follows an incident during their arrest of an individual suspected of robbery last week.

    The officers had been called to a suspected robbery at a pharmacy in the Normanville district of Trois-Rivières early Friday morning.
    The four officers then chased a suspect to an area near the Trois-Rivières CÉGEP.
    It was what happened during the arrest that has brought the officers' conduct into question.

    Trois-Rivières city spokesman, Yvan Toutant, would not confirm what the police are suspected of doing.
    He said police officials received information about the arrest which is not consistent with the police report.
    According to Toutant, the officers have been suspended in the interest of transparency.
    Quebec provincial police have been called to investigate.
    Sureté du Quebec Sgt. Gregory Gomez del Prado would only say the force's internal affairs division will be investigating an alleged assault.
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    Wow... You should open Your eyes and watch it again.... He gave up and was lying face down on the ground in a spread eagle... The cops then proceeded to kick and beat Him, Hell one cop is accussed of squeezing His "junk"... The cops deserve everything they get.

    Watch the vid...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shovelhead View Post
    There is always bad apples in every group.
    These 4 officers have been suspended..
    I didn't read the whole dissertation, Shovelhead ... but it's more than likely "suspended WITH pay" ...

    Big fucking deal, now they're on a paid vacation (what a crock).

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    I am not at all against physical violence as a 'deterrent' or punishment where thievery is a proven... so long as their is absolute and undeniable evidence to the fact. And the suspect should gets a fair chance to fight back, in a one-on-one!!

    It's much better than say, some young gun getting trigger happy on a wrongly identified suspect in handcuffs, or over a petty crime (such as ... say, excessive speeding )

    Drug addicts convicted of theft should receive mandatory beatings and ibogaine treatment.
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    that crack head gonna get a big payday

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    if they ever catch the crackheads responsible for the theft of my shit and the headache that transpired from it... hope they get a beating as well. How many people that low life scum bag traumatized through his crimes he deserved it all.

    wouldnt be surprised if they deal with that shithead on weekly basis and just got tired of the revolving door system.

    bet ya if more were handled that way instead of being slapped on the wrist by the moron judges we got here, we'd have less crime.
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    Interesting world, no - used ta be all a cop had to do, was take a miscreant into a back alley or elevator (hence the term "elevator ride") to 'put the boots to them' ... but now there's cameras everywhere ... so it's not quite as easy for them to abuse their authority/power anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swampdonkey25 View Post
    that crack head gonna get a big payday
    I think that is what the kid was thinking all along. IMHO, that 19 YRO is smart as hell. He stopped running, and positioned himself right in front of the surveillance camera, and waited for the cops to approach. Then he ensures that he is faced down spread eagled as one got closer. Before I saw the video, I thought he was asked to do this. But no, he did that all by himself in front of the camera. And the rifle is a fake he claims. Man, these schemes are way better than actual robberies. You almost can depend on what the cops going to do. It is almost a sure thing.

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    Just found this:

    Violent police arrest video released in Quebec court

    Video footage showing the forceful arrest of a man suspected of robbery in Trois-Rivières, Que., has been released.

    The clip, captured by a surveillance video, shows 19-year-old Alexis Vadeboncoeur lying face down in the snow, with his arms outstretched as four Trois-Rivières municipal police officers approach.

    It shows him being kicked and punched by officers as he lies on the ground, surrendering.

    According to Vadeboncoeur's lawyer, René Duval, his client posed no threat to police before the altercation.

    Duval said Vadeboncoeur yelled "I'm 19, I have no criminal record. This is a fake gun and I'm surrendering," before police got to him.

    The footage was released on Thursday following Vadeboncoeur's bail hearing at the Trois-Rivières courthouse .

    The incident began when police were called to a suspected robbery at a pharmacy on Des Récollets Boulevard on Feb. 2.

    They chased a suspect, who was hooded and armed, to a parking lot near the Trois-Rivières Cégep, where the surveillance footage was captured.

    Vadeboncoeur can be seen tossing his firearm away from him as he surrenders and lies down on his stomach in the parking lot.

    In their police report, officers said the teen had broken into a business. They reported they had to use force because their lives were in danger.Quebec provincial police Sgt. Gregory Gomez del Prado said the force's internal affairs division is investigating.

    Vadeboncoeur sustained various injuries
    Duval, said his client sustained several injuries during the altercation.

    "What the video doesn't show is all the bruises that he suffered at the hands of police, especially in his testicles. Because he was repeatedly kicked in his testicles," he said.

    Duval said he has practised law in every province in Canada and does not know of any other case where video footage shows police repeatedly hitting an individual without provocation.

    The police chief of Trois-Rivieres, Francis Gobeil, also saw the tape. He said it left him angry, and disappointed.

    "I saw the video and I think that the video is very clear. When you look, what you see you think that it's not [OK]," he said.

    Video disturbs Trois-Rivières mayor
    Trois-Rivières Mayor Yves Lévesque said Friday he was not happy with the way police carried out the arrest.

    He said he first heard of the violent arrest through the media.

    "It disturbs me as mayor," he said of the footage. "We're not happy with what we see."

    Lévesque said his administration will closely follow the investigation. He said he is ready to take action based on its findings.

    "Worse also is that the report they produced after the [arrest] was saying that they had to use force to intervene the suspect, he was hard to arrest, and when we see the video it was completely contrary," he said.

    The four police officers involved in the arrest have been suspended with pay for an undetermined amount of time.
    Provincial Public Security Minister Stéphane Bergeron said he agreed with the disciplinary action taken against the officers.

    "I think the good decisions have been made so far," he said.

    Denis Côté, the president of the Quebec Federation of Municipal Police Forces, said people should not jump to conclusions because the officers have the right to the presumption of innocence.

    Duval said the incident points to some serious flaws with police in the province.

    "I hope it's not systemic, but I think that there's a number of issues to be addressed. Obviously their training is lacking in some way," he said.

    He also said the video serves as sufficient evidence.

    "The video is there. You need not to be an expert in investigations to see that something very wrong has been done," he said.

    He suggests police candidates should undergo a mandatory personality assessment test before being accepted for jobs.

    The alleged police brutality case has been turned over to the Quebec provincial police.

    Vadeboncoeur will remain behind bars until his bail hearing resumes in March.

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    The rock head is going to have a Tyrone Biggums size crack party with his payout, is anyone looking to move to Trois-Rivieres cause the RCMP will have at least 4 new openings for that post. I hear it's beautiful in the summer!
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    My respect for police officers just went down another notch...

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    Cue Sikorsky with "the police are always justified" in 3.....2......

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    I'm just here for the intelligent conversation.
    Those cops should have trial Monday, that video given as evidence, thrown in jail for assault and immediately stop paying them their suspension "vacation" pay.

    Regardless of how sick of this asshole they were, no cop has the right to do that. We can't even defend ourselves against intruders in our own homes without having to worry about excessive force and these clowns beat down a guy who surrenders in the middle of the street.

    My respect for police also dropped another notch. I don't see how it can go much lower.

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