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    New gear questions

    I should be getting my work bonus quite soon and I am think about spending some of it on new gear. My jacket isn't all that comfortable and has a zipper problem and my pants have never really fit right either so time for new stuff. I'm looking at getting more touring/adventure oriented gear that will be more practical for both commuting and weekend rides albeit at the expense of style. My question for all you gear whores, does lighter coloured gear really make a significant difference as far as heat goes? Right now my jacket is black leather and perforated and it is pretty hot when sitting still but not too bad once moving, would a lighter coloured textile be more comfortable in traffic or will I bake either way? I would think lighter will be cooler but is it that significant?

    The jacket and pants I am considering is Rev'It Sand that revzilla has on sale right now. Any one have them? Thoughts? Other suggestions?

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    I do notice the heat in my black textile pants, but if it's sunny and warm it's hot in full gear regardless. I much prefer lighter gear for conspicuity though, I wear a yellow jacket 3 seasons and think it makes a difference in the number of accidents I have to avoid.

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    PM Good Karma, he has the same Rev It suit (bought it last year).

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    Light colors will keep you a little more cooler on "sunny" days and will make you relatively more visible at the same time (this in my books is a big plus).

    Their drawbacks are that they'll be a little more high maintenance, if you like your gear to look clean. And any scuffs you accumulate over the years will be a lot more prominent in lighter color suits.

    But i don't think color can be the make it or break it factor when choosing gear. There isn't a must get color.... get something you know you'll gladly wear.
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    colour will affect how hot you get. Remember to wear a drifit base layer to keep yourself comfortable. Personally most of my gear is black just to stay neutral in colour
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    I'd recommend going for a great fit this time around and worry about colours later!

    The best way to check fit is by walking into your local motorcycle shop

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