Home renovation uneer way, need good wood cheap...
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Thread: Home renovation uneer way, need good wood cheap...

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    Home renovation uneer way, need good wood cheap...

    Hey y'all,

    i figured i'd post up here in case someone has a contact or access to 2 by 4s specially, we're doing a little work at the house, mostly closing up the garage
    and rebuilding some stairs with a little rain coverage for the porch.... pretty simple stuff...

    A friend of mine used to have a wicked contact at a yard of sorts, whenever they had a big project underway they would utilize a crapload of 2x4s and plywood, i believe they used it to build scapholding, of course once the project was finished, they'd scrap half the stuff... with nothing but foot-prints over 'em... really wish we still had access to that.. all we needed in the old days was a truck and a six pack of beer/Pizza!! bwahahhaha..

    so... please.. if you can help! i would really appreciate it.. springs around the corner and the old man would much rather put the $ towards tires and getting the bike back on the road... savvy!???

    thanks BCSB

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    Anyone here got wood?

    just trying to help a brutha out with a bump, you know....

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