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    flying busa

    Girls Only Race At Mission

    Hello Ladies,
    Is there any ladies interested in racing if there were a "WOMEN'S ONLY RACE AT MISSION"
    I realize women don't learn or ride at the same degree as men...there are exceptions of course. Because there are not that many of us out there I thought it might be less intimidating for women to enter the sport if they were competing only with their own.
    If there is anyone interested please let me know. I was told that if we are a bit interested we could as soon as July have our own race. ...WOMEN ONLY.
    It would be an excellent way to approach racing. We could practice our skill at half the speed men take it if that were how we felt. I know I'm a slow learner and would totally prefer to ride with ladies on that Mission Track.
    It would be an awesome experience ladies. It could happen..if you're just a bit interested please let us know and we could make it happen.
    If some of us show up at the next WMRC club meeting we could approach the board with the idea.
    This is a great way ladies to expand your riding experience.
    There's not that much prep involved..we could all help each other, or the men could help us.
    So girls it's up to us..let's make this happen.:thumb

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    Anyone need a crew chief...or umbrella boy?

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