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    Search for the bike starts

    I wanted to see if I have all the possible links covered when it comes to searching for a bike. It will be my 1st bike, so I am looking for something nice and easy to ride, like an R6....

    All kidding aside, please let me know if I am missing any sites I should be looking at on regular basis

    Craigslist (all over BC)
    Buy&Sell/Auto trader

    I know that people bought bikes and imported form US, and I did this with my car 5 months ago, but would it really make sense to look in US for a 250 ninja, or similar. Seems to me like price difference will not be great, if any at all.

    Only reason why this may make sens (if I am reading it right) is as of Apr 1st when PST comes back there is no TDP (Tax on Designated Property of 12%) on vehicles, boats or aircraft imported into B.C. from outside Canada. Does that mean that we would not be paying any tax at all if importing from US?


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    That's about it for websites. Taxes, as been discussed many time recently,
    will not change....same 12% regardless of who and how you buy, new or used.
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