Freddie Spencer Explains Motorcycling (1985)
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Thread: Freddie Spencer Explains Motorcycling (1985)

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    Cool Freddie Spencer Explains Motorcycling (1985)

    Awesome classic 80’s film with GP legend Freddie Spencer giving the rundown of “modern” motorcycling.

    You can find parts two and three here:


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    "rivals F-1 racing in popularity" ...

    That might have been back then, but nowadays, it's only hard-core motorcyclists that even know about motogp competition and races (except perhaps in Europe)
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    Quote Originally Posted by K-rod View Post
    .. (except perhaps in Europe)
    Yeh, and there aren't many people there eh?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gxr jo View Post
    1984 Nissan turbo with a staggering 200 hp ......omg!
    It was pretty good in '84... that was a fast car. Wasn't till ubiquitous supercomputer era that you could get 200 out of a liter bike.

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