Recycling coolant without the "original container"
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Thread: Recycling coolant without the "original container"

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    Recycling coolant without the "original container"

    Short version... do shops have a big vat I can drop by and pour my used antifreeze into?

    I'd just call around but it's Easter weekend and my 2 year old just asked if it was orange juice in the jug in the garage, so time to get off my ass and figure out how to get rid of it.

    Most places seem to only take it in its original container, which currently is still half full of new coolant. I could be a jerk and put it in any old jug and leave it at Canadian Tire after hours, but my conscience is suggesting I try to do it right first.

    So much easer when I had the old car that just leaked coolant all the time, constantly creating empty containers.

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    Shops typically want it in the original container to they know what it is. They all dump it in a giant vat that gets taken away by a recycling outfit. I always drop stuff off at CT no matter what container it's in. If you want to be a nice guy, just write in the side of the container what's in there.

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    My local garage ( Kits area ) has both an oil recycling drum and a coolant drum. I don't know why they'd want the original container; these guys don't. They can't be the only ones.
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    I've dropped all sorts of fluids in all sorts of containers off at C Tire and never had an issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sikorsky View Post
    I've dropped all sorts of fluids in all sorts of containers off at C Tire and never had an issue.
    What he said, the CT by me just has a big cart outside and you put your container of whatever on it and walk away.
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    My oil goes in tide containers.

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