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    Angry Can't get her started...

    Just wondering...I have a 94 Katana and thus far have determined that
    1. I am getting a spark on my new plugs
    2. Have a new K&N stock filter
    3. Have drained carbs several times and even went so far as to replace all the gas with fresh stuff (Primed it b4 trying to start too)
    4. The battery is only 1 year old and seems to crank over fine, I get about 10 minutes of cranking before I need to recharge it.

    I notice when I am givin' it to her with full choke it turns over but no indication its close to starting. Then I can open throttle wide open and got a sputter a couple of times. Like I knowits close but this is starting to piss me off. A friend at work suggests I take the lids off the carbs and go at it with some carb cleaner. I ain't no mechanic and am not quite sure about doing this and really not sure about pulling the carbs out completly for a cleaning. The plugs get wet with gas after cranking over for a bit and I gotta be honest here...I did not winterize properly and am really regretting that...Any ideas ? I will try most anything but want to avoid haling it to shop at all costs, I am not rich - thanks

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    Let it sit for a while and try starting it without throttle or chocke. After a second or two of cranking slowly bring on the choke. Does your bike have a prime selection on the fuel cock or a self priming fuel pump?
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    HI - its got a prime setting so after draining the floats I turn it on prime for about 15 seconds or so then to ON. Also have tried giving it a couple of snorts of quick start into airbox but just a little bit, that did not seem to help much...

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    hey man.

    i had a 92 kat.

    i had a problem extrememely similar to yours.

    if it's not too much trouble what i want you to do is remove the plugs and either put in fresh ones, or put the old ones to a wire wheel and reinstall them.

    i know your plugs are 'Wet" , but they may be gettin too wet.

    What was happening with mine was the carbs needed jetting, for the engine was running "fat".
    with fresh plugs it'd run till they got all fouled up and then when you went to start it again - no go.
    with full choke and full throttle you'd get a sputter but that was it.

    so there ya go man. that's my experiene with the no start deal with kats.
    i've had other problems with them too, but hopefully that'll get you on the right track.

    oh yeah. NO MORE STARTING FLUID. you don't want to crack your rings, etc.

    i think you'll find the overall solution to your problem is to have the carbs tuned.

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