User: Wheelieit
Infraction: Personal attack on member
Points: 4

Administrative Note:
Continued personal attacks

Message to User:
You know, I was really doing my best to turn a shoulder and let your stuff slide from the BCCOM thread, but you continue to try and antagonize sikorksky. To the extent of calling him out personally by name, speaking to his job in a negative fashion, all for the sole intent to be an asshole.

Now you've spent time looking for some other way to personally attack him, by posting this shit, and add the caveat, " this is not a personal attack".......really? You just feel you're helping out around here, being a saint by posting this?

I of all people am the last to hand out infractions to members or give them a break from the forum, cannot even think of the time I have even done it, but you're on a role and making it very personal against him, not cool.

If you don't like his posts, that's fine, debate on an even playing field, member to member, but being a ding and making it VERY personal, is low and in very poor taste.