Friday ride for those of us that work!!
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Thread: Friday ride for those of us that work!!

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    Friday ride for those of us that work!!

    Anyone interested in a ride for Friday afternoon about 5:30 or 6 PM, A few of us are going for a quick zip this evening, we will meet at the 232 Chevron between 5:45 and 6:00. Anyone interested leave a post so we know who to expect.

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    Good ride, thanks for phoning me prettyboy, we have to go again soon.

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    Ya it might have been a good ride for YOU guys. Just after I left you guys to go to Mission going back down that twisty road felt really wierd. So anyway going down the highway my bike felt a little wobbly I started to take the McCallum exit and my back end was weavin all over the place so I pulled over half way around the merge and discovered MY TIRE WAS FLAT!!! So I rode to the Chevron (very carefully and slow), where I called for a truck to come and get me.

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    You can ride on a flat for quite a distance.I rode on my gixxer with a flat rear for about ten miles.I was way the f#ck down Chilliwack lake road when it went flat.Handled like shit but made it to town.

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