joke (sorry if you've heard this one)
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Thread: joke (sorry if you've heard this one)

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    joke (sorry if you've heard this one)

    a guy that lives on the third floor of an apartment building goes out one afternoon to enjoy the sun on his balcony. as he's looking around, he spots a beautiful woman sunbathing nude, two floors below him. over the course of the next few days, he sees her several more times, and she's nude every time! finally after a whole week of this, he's had enough...he has to do have this woman. he ties a string to his manhood, attached to a note, and lowers it down to the balcony the beautiful woman is laying on. the note reads:

    "i have noticed you sunbathing nude over the past week. i must have you! if you want me to make sweet love to you, tug on the string twice. if you don't want me to make sweet love to you, tug on the string ten times slowly, and twenty times really fast."

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    Thats funny.
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    I've heard a different version of this in Maxim with a deaf/mute couple where the guys figures out this sytem for the girl so that she can let him know if he wants to have sex or not. Reach over and squeeze once for sex. Squeeze 100 times if you don't want to have sex.
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