Anybody use Edge Logistics before?
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Thread: Anybody use Edge Logistics before?

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    Anybody use Edge Logistics before?

    I'm shipping a two pallets to pick up in Blaine somewhere. Hagens of Blaine don't accept pallets, so I found via google, "Edge Logistics". Their rates are very good and it looks like they hold stuff indefinitely which is good as it needs to sit about a month.

    Anybody heard of/used them before?
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    no experience with them, but check out Can Amer

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    Haven't used them, but Package Express in Sumas accepts pallets, and I found them to be quite good.

    Depending on your location its another option.

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    I believe TSB Shipping in Point Robers accepts pallets - might want to check with them.
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    MBI in blaine does accept pallets.
    Pallet - $25.00 per pallet (48"x42"x48" or larger)

    Good exp w them however

    A storage fee of $0.25 per day per package ($0.50 for oversized packages)
    applies to all packages not picked up after 2 weeks of our receipt.

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    A&A brokers receives pallet/Crates on behalf of Hagens of Blaine

    I just used them in Early February... awesome service! big arse crate cost us 30bucks

    Your Name c/o A&A brokers
    1855 Pipeline Road
    Blaine, WA 98230
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