Do you like watching TV? Do you like sports?
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Thread: Do you like watching TV? Do you like sports?

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    Do you like watching TV? Do you like sports?

    Show your support.

    CRTC Application

    RE: Licence Renewal Application 2002-0974-3

    Dear Viewer,

    I'm writing to you in the hope that you will support Rogers Sportsnet in our effort to renew our licence with the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications (CRTC).

    In order for Sportsnet to remain healthy and vibrant going forward, we have asked in our application for wholesale rate parity with TSN. This will allow us to continue to broadcast the home team and amateur sports.

    If you are willing to show your support, you can simply click on the e-mail link below, which allows you to submit your comments to the Secretary General of the CRTC, with a copy to Sportsnet.

    The key messages we are hoping you will communicate are:

    Having a healthy and competitive Rogers Sportsnet is important to the Canadian television broadcasting landscape
    You are in support of Sportnet's request for wholesale rate parity with TSN
    Thank you for your time.

    The link to send your message of support is We ask that if you are sending a comment that you do so by Wednesday, April 30, 2003. All emails must include our licence application number.

    Please address your emails as follows:

    Subject: Rogers Sportsnet Licence Renewal Application 2002-0974-3

    Best regards,

    Audience Relations
    Rogers Sportsnet
    (Go Canucks!)
    BCSB- Moderator

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    "wholesale rate parity"

    i love sportsnet and dont think i could live without it. i would do anything to support it. but mind my ignorance, can you describe the "wholesale rate parity". not my kinda jargon. i wanna support it but i want to know exactly what i am supporting! thanks

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