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    Opitma Battery Charger

    Anyone know anyone who has one?? I have an Optima Red Top that has been discharged.... The only way to bring it back is with the Optima Charger.... I don't have the $199 to buy one right now.... Plus I don't know if it can be brought back

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    You-Tube is your friend, hook a fully charged battery in parrallel and the battery charger to charge both batteries and it's going to take a while.
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    take it to the interstate battery centre in van and they may charge it up for you.

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    its fast....
    only leaver the full charged battery hooked up so the first one will start to charge.
    Then take the charged battery off. Or you will over charge the already charged battery.

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    CTek chargers have a mode specifically for Optima batteries (and can be found for much less than $200 if you search around for sales etc.)

    I have one and I'd be happy to charge your battery for you - I live in Vancouver near Main and 20th.


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    A fully charged Optima will likely not come back to life. Try the above tricks, but those batteries build up so much internal resistance when discharged that it is rare for them to work again.

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    I have a C-tek. can charge it for you too. Or you can can buy one for around $50 I think at lordco or canadian tire. best charger, I leave mine all the time when its parked at home. battery never dies.

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