Sprocket/chain dilemma
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Thread: Sprocket/chain dilemma

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    Sprocket/chain dilemma

    John or anyone else, can you help with the following? I am looking at dropping 1 from the front and 2 rear on my F3.

    1. Is this what a "normal" configuration is like? Keep in mind all i want it for is open track days and the occasional street ride (no long distance riding).

    2. Changing the rear I assume i'll need a new chain. I think it's 520. What exactly does the number refer to, and also, can a 525 for e.g. be "convereted" to a 520? Also, so many types available (O Ring, X Ring etc...) what do you suggest for a track bike?

    3. What's it do on gas/mileage?

    Thanks for helpin guys,


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    I'm assuming that you wish to shorten the gearing (ie. your engine will be turning more rpm than it does with stock gearing at a given speed). There are two ways to accomplish this (short of going into the gearbox, of course): you can drop teeth at the front and/or you can add teeth at the rear. I don't know why you'd want to drop teeth at the front and rear unless you're looking for some very specific gearing.

    As for the effect on fuel economy:if you're not doing much distance on the street, I can't see it being a concern. You'll probably lose some mileage on the highway.

    Converting to a lighter chain will save some weight, but I'm guessing that the effect on your bike's performance will be negligible. I wouldn't bother if there is any extra cost involved.

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    I would also assume that you meant to say 1 down on the front and 2 up on the rear. That's what you want for what you are trying to do.

    520. The 5 is the number of 1/10'ths between the chain pins. So it's a 1/2 inch pitch. The 20 is the number of 1/10th's times 10 for the side plate spacing. So 20 means the sprockets are a bit less than 0.2 inches thick. For 530 the sprockets are a bit less than 0.3 inches thick. Why a bit less? So they have some clearance to match the side plate spacing of exactly 0.2 or 0.3. 525 means the side plates are 0.25 or exactly 1/4 inch spacing.

    Narrow chain and sprockets are lighter. But the contact area is smaller so they wear more quickly. Not a big deal for track work. But if you go 520 don't get aluminium rear sprockets. Reviews I've read on this combo would indicate that it will wear too fast for even track use (unless you're sponsored ). Better to get steel sprockets and drill a few extra lightening holes if that's your thing.

    Other than that there is no difference, or at least shouldn't be, in strength between the same model of chain but in different sizes. The side plates and pins are where the strength resides. If these are the same then the breaking strength is the same.
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    I always thought it was 1/8ths...520=5/8" , 630=3/4 "..etc.

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