Anyone headed to Greg Moore kart track?
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Thread: Anyone headed to Greg Moore kart track?

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    Anyone headed to Greg Moore kart track?

    I'd like to head to the Chilliwack kart track, but it's always more fun to go with other people. If anyone is headed there any weekends, or during the week after 5pm, let me know, I'd like to come out. My bike is kart track friendly right now. It's $75 to drop in there right?
    Send me a pm!

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    if you're a FB user you might have more luck with this kind of thing by joining the PCMRC group.
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    I head out every weekend and the odd Wednesday. If you want you can PM me your contact info... Its roughly 80 dollar drop in or 500 for the year after tax. On the weekends there are plenty of riders...during the week it is good to have a buddy.

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    I think there's an event this weekend, so no open track time... :/
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    Yup, you can view the schedule here:

    No bikes on track on karting event weekends.
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