what's up with bike shops?!
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Thread: what's up with bike shops?!

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    what's up with bike shops?!

    I've had a few "timing" problems with a few local bike shops, either with parts or with service. (i.e. "the bike/part will be ready/here in 2 days" means call us back in 2 days and we'll see) I just wanna know if this is the norm with the industry or it's just a few isolated problem that I have with certain bike shops?? Please post your experience(good or bad) and include the shop. thanx

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    I've gotten all my Honda parts for my old CBX and my newer but still old F2 out of Honda Power Center. They often have them the next day and at worst it's 3 days out of back east. Even some of the parts for my 82 CBX were next day. A couple of special order parts like the Racetech springs for the F2 took a week. But all the Honda parts are 3 days tops. Very nice and professional folks to do parts business with.
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    I found that Richmond motorsports have a quick and reliable parts delivery( usually a day for almost any honda part for either my OLD 78' CB400, or my 91' CB750, max 2-3 days if its from toronto) while Carter Coquitlam were just brutal, taking weeks for simple shit like an oil filter. so i ended up getting pissed off and didnt pick up the last bunch of stuff i ordered because they took way too long( i didnt put down a deposit)
    ...My biggest beef with the industry was when i ordered a KBC TK8 helmet from Imperial and when i went down there to pick it up 2 days after they were supposed to get it( already couple months wait) , they told me i may have to wait a few more months. so i said fuck that took back the deposit and went and bought the same helmet from Maple Ridge motorsports when they got their shipment the next day.
    So my advice to you is A) unless you own a Yamaha, you can't go wrong with Richmond motorsports if you need parts. and B) yes some shops have no respect what so ever for your time or their own promices, so you have to shop around and see who will follow through on what they say.

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    I've had really good luck with parts from RMS, BBY Kawasaki, North Shore and PacYam. Usually the guys behind the counter can estimate with pretty good accuracy as to delivery time. Even with back orders, I've been told more than once right up front that it could be 2 - 3 months, eg, and they were right.

    With accessories, its a different story. The retailer has to deal with the ever changing stock of the local (or national ) distributors. Its somewhat more of a crapshoot, should the stuff not be in stock.

    With US mailorder, I've had both good luck and complete, utter disasters. My resulting opinion of that choice is, if you HAVE to, order ONLY if they have it in stock. Their backorder BS will kill you. By them, I refer to Competition Accessories, Chaparral, MAW, and Donelson. I have read/heard anecdotal success/nightmare stories re all the mailorder shops mentioned, so caveat emptor.

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    I know as far as getting aftermarket stuff ,Places like Motovan have there web site for dealers where they can log on and find out if Motovan has it in stock,So they know right away how long it will be.

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