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Thread: Posts display per page.

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    Posts display per page.

    Is it possible to add an extra option in the ' Number of Posts to show per page' option?

    I would really love to see the 100 post option like on AdvRider for example.
    Sure few threads qualify for this around BCSB, but there is the occasional thread.

    Some of us do not always have the time to read a long thread while connected, so we 'print/screen capture' en entire page, for offline reading, when on the road.

    I can't imagine this option stressing the server too much.


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    if you go to setting on the upper right of this page -> then general setting, you'll find an option but the max is 40 post per page and the default setting. i think 100 post would be too much to load at once.
    hope that answered your question.

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