Online car tire sites or local shops with good deals?
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Thread: Online car tire sites or local shops with good deals?

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    Online car tire sites or local shops with good deals?

    So BCSB, as you always seem to pull thru when I'm in need of tech advice or part's another:

    I'm looking to get a set of 225/45/17s and was wondering if anyone on this site works at a tire shop or if anyone knows of any sites that ship and have tires at a better price than here locally?

    Thanks for your help in advance.
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    What's funny, is a friend of mine was looking for a set of performance tires for his BMW 335i that he autocrosses. He asked what tire I would recommend, and I wasn't much help other than to say my 3 previous cars had Pirelli P Zero Nero tires and that they seemed fine. He searched high and low for best pricing, and I was surprised when he told me that Canadian Tire had the best prices on them. Who woulda thunk!

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    I got a set of wheels and tires for my truck from Discount Tire in Bellingham. Would have been $3,200 locally, I paid $1,577 in Bellingham.
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    . , in Surrey, always got amazing deals on wheels and tires there.

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    I was happy with volco tires in Richmond
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    As CDG mentioned Dealt with them twice last year. 1st order I got a set of new summer tires. 2nd was a set of wheels and winter tires. A lot cheaper then locally. When ordering I got them to sent it to Midas on Ohio street in WA and I got Midas to Install them for me. That Midas shop is certified installer for tirerack, so there was no issues. At the border for the wheels and tires I said I bought them in US (as I had all 4 wheels and summer tires in the car that I was taking back) and they just waved me through, even thought it was $1400. I have no idea to this day how that happened. For my summer tires, I didnt have to pay anything at the border as I was in US for over 24 hours with my x at that time. They again waved me through. Even if you have to pay taxes, it is still much cheaper.

    Summer tire I got were exact same size as yours. Dont remember exact model, but they were at least 1/2 the price after install and all that jazz.

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