OK, this is a pleased plug for Impact Safte-T Armor down in California. The regular price is approx US$180 for a custom (as in actual CUSTOM) back protector. You fill out the measurement docs and send them in. The guys do a set of fitting patterns out of a type of foam, which they then mail back to you. If it fits 100%, then you give them the go-ahead. If not quite right, they even include the bloody Sharpie felt pen to mark for cuts etc., then you send them back instructions based on the patterns/platens.

Anyhow, for someone who wants an excellent fit, very nice piece of kit, combined with some of the best service I have found, give them a checkout. Data is :

phone/fax: 916-725-2936

I'll keep ya posted as this process moves along

PS: usual disclaimer, I'm not connected with them, nor have I received a discount etc. etc. Oh, and the surcharge for my somewhat oversized order was $16US. Pffffft! Once I get the final tally, I'll share the total costs too. They also make shoulder, elbow, hip and knee stuff (custom as well).