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    Lowering bike issue...

    I'm posting on behalf of my ride buddy Karen. She just upgraded to a 2008 GSXR 750. She is about 5'4" and needs the bike lowered. Method told her it couldn't be done because they'd have to cut the kickstand and they can't do that. I've never heard of this before...Holeshot can do it for $375 plus taxes, is that a fair price? Thoughts?

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    Screw holeshot and their $375.

    From a quick google search I see that lowering links for a GSXR750 cost about $50, and installation takes 1-2 hours for a first timer, so upwards of $200 at a shop. Have her buy the lowering links online, take the bike to EMS, and likely spend half of what Holeshot wants.
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    I'm pretty sure Ted can cut and weld that side stand too...

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    It's way better to buy another sidestand on eBay, get that one cut and then put on.

    There is a funny old amount of geometry involved to get it right and to get the foot oriented properly so it's flat when the bike is at rest. So maybe it's a good thing that the first shop didn't just break out the sawzall.

    Doing it this way means that if the bike gets sold it can get put all the way back to stock.

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    Karen got a Gizzer 750? Wow!

    I'm not a fan of lowering bikes, mostly because all that is lowered is the rear suspension, which makes the bike handle like shit. A proper shop will drop the front triples as well. That may be the reason for the $375 bill from Holeshot. The kickstand is a serious issue though. Like Danke said. She is better off buying a second kickstand, as opposed to cut/weld the one Karen has. Makes for easier resell down the road.

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    It's an easy job about $200 . Linkage . Including dropping front , adjusting suspension and cutting the side stand so most could never tell it was even cut.

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    I lowered my Blackbird 1 inch. After ten years I wanted to try it lowered. I bought the link on line. Front was compensated. I didn't touch the kickstand. I'm thinking of taking the centre stand off. I didn't know I could have lowed it from within the Penske. My bad. I do have to set up my bike again. The handling is same as before. It still rails the corners. As well as a 68 senior can.
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    2008 gsxr600 oem dogbone linkage have bearings. If you're comfortable with replacing them with aftermarket lowering link that do not have bearings, then go for it. They are known to have sheered off.


    I wasn't comfortable with any of the aftermarket dogbones, so I replaced my rear spring with a Hyperpro Spring. It lowers the rear of the bike by 1", and I get to keep my OEM dogbone with its original bearings.

    Also note, that you can't lower the front end on the 2008 -2010 gsxrs more than 1/2" . The fork tubes are tapered.

    Here's what I've found.


    "You can lower the 08-09 GSXR 600. Just go to NAPA or any auto parts store, get 1 set of standard rod bearings (for only 1 rod). They are 2 half moons in shape, use 1 in each clipon to make up the difference on the tapered part of the fork. Works great, I did it and have had no problems at all. Don't get .010, or .020 over, just standard size for perfect fit. I also have seen where a friend of mine up north had a machine shop make him some shims but they are basically just like the rob bearings I have described. This is a job you can do yourself, just do 1 side at time and do not loosen the bolts on your trees much, just enought to let fork slide up slowly and DO ONLY 1 SIDE AT A TIME!! Make sure both are adjusted up same amount. You will see it is really pretty easy, just don't go more than just under 2 inches or the top of your tree will not tighten up, you will be on the tapered part of the fork. Hope this helps."

    I didnt do this mod, I just lowered the front end by 1/2" and the rear by 1". Yes the geometry of the bike changed. I didn't touch the stand. All it cost me was 380 taxes in.

    Good luck
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