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    Infraction for Jackal'sRevenge: Inappropriate content posted

    Post: Can the cops seize your helmet if expired?
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    Haya, I've also had my helmet seized in the past. At that time the pig had said that he's taking it as evidence just in case I dispute the ticket, otherwise I could come pick it up in 30 days (which is the time you have to file a dispute). If they're saying you can't pick it up at all, then make sure to dispute the ticket so he'll have to bring it to court as evidence, then you'll be able to get it back from him after the trial.

    Bring whatever new helmet you have with you to court (to show them you're up to date and following the rules) and tell the him and the judge that you never knew helmets expired (like 99% of the population). They'll probably let you off on the helmet violation (even if he brings your old one) but you'll most likely be fucked for the other fines. Your best bet if the pig shows up is to plead guilty to the other stuff and bring pictures of your bike to show you've made the necessary changes. That should probably get your fines lowered with most jps.

    Just remember you only have 30 days to file a dispute, you can do it at any ICBC licensing office, and tell them you want to dispute the charge for everything, not the fine (in case the pig doesn't show up, in which case all the charges are dismissed). Good luck whatever you decide to do.
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