Post: Can the cops seize your helmet if expired?
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maybe if i worked on the rigs you might be right. but i dont.

so do explain your hate for people in green. also, please do tell me how "stupid" they are. i'm sure to pass it on to guys i worked with especially those who are now lawyers, engineers, doctors, and are otherwise rather successful.

as far as i can see you have some sort of an issue that you cant get past. were you denied entry or something? or tried and failed horribly?

then again, what can i expect from someone who is an open NDP supporter and a socialist. that pretty much invalidates anything you spew from your hateful brain.

I just hate them because the majority are plugs.

I would never in my wildest dreams think of joining the military.

I just love winding working class losers like yourself up.

Tell your friends what I think of them. I'm sure you will all have a chuckle. The same way I did when your piece of shit truck got stolen.