Elon Musk, one cool dude.
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Thread: Elon Musk, one cool dude.

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    Elon Musk, one cool dude.

    Hmmm, I just made a bundle selling PayPal. What next? How about founding a space company (which becomes profitable). While at it how about super cool electric cars (which becomes profitable). Still have some extra energy so how about starting a solar power systems company.

    Man, I woulda just gone riding and to the beach. Hats off to this cool dude. A man of ages. He also has a Canadian mom.



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    Paypal is such a beautiful business model. Textbook strategy and development.

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    followed a Tesla sedan up westside rd on the weekend. i only figured it out after passing him. the next break with the boys was a discussion on where he planned to charge that thing and thoughts on the distribution of charging stations in the near future. like his car co's namesake, i hope he follows through on some of his ideas and helps us move into the next phase of energy usage.

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