**please Read I Need Help Asap Pleeze *** =)
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Thread: **please Read I Need Help Asap Pleeze *** =)

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    **please Read I Need Help Asap Pleeze *** =)

    o m g
    i dropped my 03 r6 =( so choked guyz does anyone know where i can get a front brake leaver handle tomarrow ''SUnday'' 4/27/03
    i know most bike shops are closed but i will go ANyWhere !
    im really looking forward to go on a ride with my friends to whistler

    and does anyone know do most 600 sport bikes have universal front brake handles ? so they are more available????

    please post back !

    T h a n k y o u so much

    ride hard, ride safe

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    Check out Modern, i've bought levers from them before.

    One problem is that they might not have any stock of this stuff. Might have to go to the dealer..

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    I don't know of any shops open on sunday or monday. Check the phonebook and call around is my only suggestion.

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