dirt bike weekend
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Thread: dirt bike weekend

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    dirt bike weekend

    well I took off the supermoto wheels and found some dirt.

    me and the gf went out for a ride up in maple ridge today. We missed where most maple ridge dirtbikers unload, but managed to find some nice stuff regardless. She's getting way better with clutch control. Its actually a bit funny because on open fire roads shes a bit cautious, but as soon as she gets on difficult singletrack she starts flying.. haha must be the mountain bike experience.

    here's some pics from the day

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    aahhh!!!! There's nothing like a dirty girlfriend
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    Nice pics arai, how long did it take you to swap wheels? I dread having to switch back, the whole rotor thing would be wack. A 4 pot caliper and 320mm rotor is just too much for the dirt.

    I guess you will soon have her supermotoed, popping wheelies all over?

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    Nice images Arai, both digital and mental.
    Whereabouts around MR were you? I'm looking for some good trailing around here to go with a friend who is just getting back after an enforced layoff.
    Happy Mudpluggin'
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