Pictures located here:

Sold my bike and have spare set of fairings that I have. I have the whole complete red/black set. Please note that these pieces are all OEM in mint condition. I have more pictures so please contact me and I will send them over. Will sell as a complete set or individually, whichever request comes first. The colour of the fairings are red.
Pictures included in the ad:
Tank cover $100
L/R mid fairing $80 each
Windscreen $30
Tail fairing $100
Front nose $130
Under tank fairing $20 each
L/R air intake fairings $40 each

CL only allows up to 8 pics, I have pictures upon request for the following parts:
L/R lower fairings $60 each
Rear tire hugger $20
Front tire hugger $50

Also selling some spare parts, pictures are here:

Passenger pegs $25 each
Left passenger peg with broken peg $18
Left handlebar mirror $30
OEM right mirror $30

Thank you. Please email the craigslist email if interested!