drz headlight gone or is it?
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Thread: drz headlight gone or is it?

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    drz headlight gone or is it?

    the headlight on my DRZ burnt out. took the bulb out. looked ok but of to can tire i went got new bulb. put it in and no go. hmmmmm?? what's the problem? checked the fuse - all good. all wiring appears ok. what the heck, i thought. you know how you turn the key to "on" and all the lights, including headlight, come on and then you hit the starter and the headlight goes out? well the culprit turned out to be sticky starter button. opened it up, cleaned it put it back together and voila. wasn't burnt out bulb after all. thought i would share it here as there are few DRZs around (other bikes may have similar setup).
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    Good troubleshooting! Glad it was a simple fix.
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    I'm sure the start button fits into the top 10 common problems on any motorcycle. It's a skill to be able to think outside the box and uncover the problem so easily. Nicely done.

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