Fixing tank?
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Thread: Fixing tank?

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    Fixing tank?

    Had a spill today at The Ridge doing a trackday, bike decided to tumble and dented both sides of the gas tank (not leaking). Anybody know if there is a place that fixes these kinds of dents, or would it just be easier (and cheaper) to find a used tank?

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    its fast....
    good body work is expensive.
    Just find a tank, Hopefully same color. If not, Just have painted. Then you dont have to pay for a few hours (or more) at like 100/hr for repair. Just prep and paint time.
    And materials of course.,

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    You have a few options:

    1. Pay someone to fix & paint.

    2. Fix yourself (bondo & sandpaper), then pay someone to paint.

    3. Fix yourself, paint yourself.

    4. Find a used tank.

    Having done option 3 (about 5 times on the same tank, actually), I say go with #4 - it'll be cheaper and way better in the long run.
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    ^^ What he said. Used tanks can be pretty easy and relatively inexpensive to find and replace but really depends on your bike.

    Getting it fixed from a shop can cost a lot more. Post up a pic of the damage if you dont mind. You'll get better advice that way.

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