Ted Laturnus/Geogia Straight/June 13
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Thread: Ted Laturnus/Geogia Straight/June 13

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    Ted Laturnus/Geogia Straight/June 13

    I can't seem to download the article which reads, "Authorities still raising flags over motorcycles"

    It's focus is the recals on all makes and models of motorcycles beginning with Ducati.
    Full Yoshi SS, Galfer wave rotors, Goodridge steel lines, Hel oil lines, Corbin GFL, Penske rear, RaceTech front, Hids, Givi hard bags with full lighting kit, Dyna Coils, K&N, Samco rad hoses, 9500ix/iQ, Pazzo, some bling, some CF.

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    None from BMW.... but I'll throw one in there.

    K1300 models (both R and S) have the wrong washer installed over a starter reduction shaft. As a result, the bike experiences unnatural (but mechanically safe) vibrations at 6K and higher. The more serious side effect of the wrong washer causes binding when the engine is warm. This binding causes friction, enough to prevent restart of the bike when hot, the starter motor doesn't have enough force to power through the friction to restart the engine (50% of the time, the starter is able to power through with difficulty and restart the bike). This coulpled with the very small battery means that owners will often run their battery down in seconds when attempting to restart their bike, stranding them. This is a well documented problem, but BMW refuses to acknowledge it as an issue and therefore has not published a recall.

    Imagine my frustration trying to restart the bike after refuelling or stalling the bike. More than once, I've had to push my bike up a hill to do a bump start. Let me tell you, that I've push started many many bikes, but by far, the K13 has been heads and shoulders more difficult than any other. This is due to the high compression and 1300ccs of displacement. I've been lucky as there were hills were I could huff and puff and push the 540lbs bike up to do the bump start, as doing it on flat ground is near impossible solo. The work around is to wait 5 minutes for the engine to cool before any attempt is made to start the bike. Premature attempts may cause the battery to deplete. Even with the work around, the problem is unsafe, as it could leave riders in the middle of a busy intersection.
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