Time off for surgery
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Thread: Time off for surgery

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    Time off for surgery

    Gonna be off the road and the board for a few days/weeks.

    Having surgery on a pilonidal cyst. Kinda gross "butt" it has to be done now, before I get married in June.

    Ride safe everyone, I'll be up and about in a few days after tomorrow i think. The percosat will help bundles. I'll try to save some, and if you crash and need some major pain killers, hit me up, if you have a kidney to sell, that might help pay for them just kidding...

    Seriously now folks,

    See ya in a week or something like that..... hopefully!

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    Heal quick. Positve thinking it will only be a couple of days. good Luck man
    I didn't say it was your fault i SAID i was going to blame you!

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    ........I'm sure that "in the end"......things will have worked out just fine Ice.......heh, heh. Take it easy man.......
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    Looks like you'll be investing in a new mod....Gell seat mod! .

    get well soon bro.

    don't get too "bumbed" out about things

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