Kawaski ZX 9R for cheap or is it???
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Thread: Kawaski ZX 9R for cheap or is it???

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    its got 2 wheels

    Kawaski ZX 9R for cheap or is it???

    $5500 is what they are asking, exhaust and new tires, 20000km's. The bike has some scratches just minor.
    But its in Prince George and I dont live anywhere near there, Victoria, so I want to know is this a good price.

    Its a 98.
    Seems like a good deal.

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    I don't think that that's too bad a price at all. specially if there's nothing else wrong with it.

    and the good thing is , at 5500 you could probably nick it for 5200. and that's even better.

    you just won't know till you go.

    get them to email you a pic. something to wet the appetite.

    i know when i was lookin at buying Len's (islandgixxer) katixxer, he sent me a Video via email of the kat running. -believe it or not.
    i thought that was pretty cool.
    it only worked in his favour ,cuz i later bought the bike from him.

    see what you can do in that aspect.

    good luck

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    i live in pg. i can go down and have a look at it, maybe take some pics and talk to the guy. let me know.

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    It'a a long haul but the price is certainly right if there's nothing wrong with it other than the distance. Don't expect the paint to be perfect. Lots of gravel up there in the winter and I'm sure it stays on the roads well into the riding season. But that IS about $1000 to $1500 less than you'll find it for in the lower mainland even on a bargain day.

    But then trade in season is starting in ernest. I ride my bicycle past Burnaby Kawi every day and it seems their collection of used stuff is growing each time by at least one. When they do have a 98 it's going for about $8000 to $8500 as I recall.
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