Panasonic HD Projector and 106" screen
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    Panasonic HD Projector and 106" screen

    Copied and pasted from CL:

    Panasonic PT-AX100U 720p HD Projector - $400 (New West)

    Bought this unit new several years ago, and even though a bit older, still has an amazing HD image. It's a bright projector, and has a long zoom range and full vertical and horizontal lens shift, for effort free placement, whether table mounted or ceiling mounted. (may include ceiling mount, as I purchased a new one, just not sure if it will work, this one cost me $115)

    It's an LCD model, so no rainbow effects that many of the DLP models exhibit.

    I bought this unit brand new, locally, and paid close to $3000, it was a top of the line consumer model.

    I will say that the bulb is probably getting close to replacement time, and they can be found for as little as $100, to some places charging $250, depending on who you buy from....there are so many different people selling them now. A bulb lasted us about 3 years, but of course it really depends on how much you use it.

    It still works perfect, the bulb is not dead, but in the interest of full disclosure, I would guess it may need replacing in the next 6mos. I have never pushed the life of these bulbs past about 2500hrs, but some have reported getting 5000hrs, so results can vary.

    For someone wanting a really inexpensive way to get a big home theater for a small price, this is a great bargain. Very few projectors under $1800 have this many features, and allow for such easy placement in almost any size room.

    If you have any technical questions, I suggest you google this model, as there is a wealth of info available, and any questions can easily be answered by letting your gingers do the walking

    Price is firm, it's cheap. Unit is in perfect shape, clean, and I have the original box/manuals, remote.

    I will respectfully ignore all lowball offers, so don't expect a return email if you do this.

    If you would like me to get back to you, I suggest leaving a phone number for prompt reply.

    If you are reading this ad, the projector IS AVAILABLE.

    Sorry for the long list, but my experience on CL has taught me you have to be very clear with
    people, and even after this, I can expect some stupid to occur

    Grandview Cyber 106" pull down projection screen - $315 (New West)

    I bought this screen brand new, and it's in perfect condition. Moved to home which does not need a pull down screen, so buying a fixed screen to replace, same brand

    This is an excellent quality screen, with a couple really unique features.

    It had a soft/slow return, so the screen never snaps back up, you can just let it retract on its own, very slick.

    It also has very unique mounting hardware that allows you to put the mounts on the wall, then simply "click" the screen housing into the mounts, with a spring operated mechanism, which allows for easy side to side adjustment, as well as removal in about 10 seconds.

    The screen itself is a 1.0 gain, white screen, which produces a great picture, especially with a bright projector, and works very well with 3D.

    No wrinkles, flat as a board, works perfect, has not been up/down in the past 2.5 years, so hangs's been down the whole time.

    Replacement cost with taxes today, for this identical model is approx $500, so it's priced very fair.

    Will not reply to lowballs, and if you are reading this ad, the screen is available, no need to ask.

    Local cash sale only, no trades (unless you have a high quality white 106" fixed frame screen).

    If you would like me to call you back, provide a contact phone number.
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