2005 Husaberg FS650E, $3000
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Thread: 2005 Husaberg FS650E, $3000

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    2005 Husaberg FS650E SOLD

    Like the title says, up for sale is my 2005 Husaberg FS650E with just over 7000 km and priced to move.

    Full disclosure: http://www.bcsportbikes.com/forum/sh...=1#post1127573

    Even though the bike was recovered 2 days later, I admit I was concerned about potential engine problems. So when the repair list from ICBC was sent to Bill at 5th Gear, we made an agreement to prioritize the engine using the insurance money, even if it meant having to keep scratched plastics.

    Bill did a great job of dealing with ICBC to get additional funds and he was able to do the following:
    • Replace rear fender
    • Replace gas tank shrouds
    • Replace decals
    • Replace hand guards
    • Replace hand grips
    • Replace license plate holder and signals
    • Engine work (feel free to call Bill for details)

    Along with the bike you get some spare stuff (extra rear fender, some oil filters, the Husaberg repair and user manuals, tool kit, purchase and service receipts, etc.) shown in a picture at the bottom.

    The bike can be ridden and enjoyed right away (just add gas) although I'd recommend an oil change for any bike coming out of storage. It was ridden very little last year in the spring, then parked in June. And I'd also like to make sure you're aware of the following known issues:
    • New tires will be needed soon
    • Signals are not connected
    • Horn is not working...horn might be missing actually
    • Battery is dead...it has been for years but it starts better using the kickstarter anyway
    • Right fork seal is leaking

    I just picked the bike up from the shop today so it's at my place in Surrey. I took a couple pictures, just so people can see what it looks like.


    I also took a short video of me starting up the bike, just so you can see the bike does in fact work as stated; the sound quality is quite dreadful because of the underground parking lot but you can get the idea.

    YouTube video

    Take a look, and if you’re interested please email me and we can exchange phone numbers if you want to come out and see it. Cash only please, and if you have any questions ask here or send me a PM/email. I'd like to have it gone by the middle of July, but I'm not going to lower the asking price further; I'd rather give it to one of my brother's or convert it to a dirtbike.

    I have no problem with signing a gift form to avoid taxes, or putting whatever declared value you want. There are risks and consequences to this, but I leave it as an option.

    Thanks for looking!
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    Bike has been sold.

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