There is a little blurb in this month's Cycle Canada about the insurance companies in Quebec. Apparently they are all refusing to insure sportbikes unless they are equipped with an alarm.

The kicker: it isn't just any alarm. There is only one alarm system that meets their criteria, and it costs $450. Even if you have an existing alarm you have to install this one to get coverage.

The kicker, part II: guess who developed the criteria for the accepted alarm system? That's right, the company that distributes the "approved" alarm system, in conjunction with the largest insurance company.

The H-D factory system is acceptable, but currently the alarm requirement only applies to sportbikes. It's pretty obvious the insurance companies there want to get out of insuring sportbikes, at least for theft.

I guess that is one advantage of a public insurer -- they can't pull shit like that. Then again, as too many guys here can attest, they fuck you over in other ways.