Saturday Practice 5-8pm with Jays dirt class starting at 4pm.
Sunday race day 8-4pm

Practice day set up will start around 3pm, if you can help please do.

Jay Ridout is willing to do some instruction to those of you who want to learn the inns and outs of the dirt section. We will start at 4pm - Saturday July 13th, you will need your pnwma license which is 15$ a weekend or 30$ for the year. If you are interested please contact me for more information.

Saturday we will have a riders meeting just before 5pm.

Camping will be available Saturday night.

Sunday sign up will start at 8am. Riders meeting will be at 9AM, attendance is mandatory if you wish to race that day. Tech inspection will need to be done prior to the riders meeting so please get there as early as possible.

Qualifiers will start at 10, lunch will be around 12:30, finals will start around 1.

All of our fees are the same as last year. We accept cash and cheque only.

practice is 40$
membership is 60$/single - 80$/family - 20$/one day
PNWMA is 30$/single - 40$/family - 15$/one day
Race classes are 60$/40$/20$/10$ - kids mini moto - 20$

We also would appreciate some help with clean up so if you can stick around Sunday please do, many hands make light work and there is nothing worse than looking out on a field of cones and hay bales after a race day and everyone is gone already

Hope to see everyone there!

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