Rubber crush washers
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Thread: Rubber crush washers

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    Rubber crush washers

    So I was doing an oil change on the wife's bike today and figured I should probably see if I could get a new crush washer for the drain plug.
    The last time I bought a couple for my DRZ they seemed kind of expensive (like $7 each) and my DRZ needs 2.
    So I went over to B & J auto where I got the amsoil and k&n filter and asked if they had crush washer to fit this drain bolt from her R1 and he says "well I don't have one of those but I have something better" and gives me this metal washer with a rubber liner.
    Looks like this.

    Best part is I think he only charged me about $2
    Anyone used these?
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    Those are quite nice because instead of crushing a copper washer and possibly under/over tightening it, with these you tighten it up until it bottoms out and make it snug like a bolt, and the rubber seal does its job in sealing the pan.

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    nice. I bet they are reusable a few times too. I will picking them up after my next oil change. thanks for the post!

    edit:I might upgrade my drain plugs to these guys you will never have to buy another crush washer again. plus no wrenches. my drz400 never goes off road so it won't break. $50 bucks for 2 though, so kinda pricey. but the convenience is damn nice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by XdtesZombie View Post
    The last time I bought a couple for my DRZ they seemed kind of expensive (like $7 each) and my DRZ needs 2.
    i can't believe you pay that much!!!! those things are no more than $1.50 or so each. even that seems like a lot but i like them better than the flat, non-crashable ones.

    how are the ones with the rubber liner?
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