Anyone go to Harrison Hot Springs today?
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Thread: Anyone go to Harrison Hot Springs today?

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    Anyone go to Harrison Hot Springs today?

    If you wondered why the main road going to the beach area/ parking lot along the beach was blocked off by police. http://www.agassizharrisonobserver.c...214551351.html

    A SUV Toyota Landcruiser ran into people and into a BMW. 3-5 people injured, 1 being a kid.
    Happened early this afternoon.

    Nice day nonetheless, saw several sportbikes out there today. Mostly cruisers and HD's as bike show at the Sasquatch inn was happening today. Saw quite a few drinks going into the hands of motorcyclists at the Old Settler Pub. Glad to see no accidents on our part from what I hear from the Harrison area back to Vancouver.

    Hope everyone was safe out there today. Had 1 close call with my gf with me. 1 Harley rider decided it was a good time to share the same lane and pass with in a few inches in of us.

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    Explains the ambulances and police cars I saw. Hope nobody hurt too bad.
    Any shift workers out there wanna ride during the week PM me.

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    toyota driver was drunk. I think the officers were pulling information from the black box of the toyota when I got there.

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