Car stereo purchase - any vendors that you would recommend
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Thread: Car stereo purchase - any vendors that you would recommend

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    Car stereo purchase - any vendors that you would recommend

    I'm taking a couple of longer road trips in the car this year and would like to upgrade the stereo to something better than stock. Likely a Double DIN unit.

    Any recommendations on a good local shop to supply and install ? Someone with a decent selection, does good work, and good after sales service for warranty issues.

    I had my last stereo supplied & installed by Ralph's but their selection is a bit thin. Also, they messed up my appointment and kept me hanging around an extra 3-4 hours. That left me unlikely going back unless there was a compelling reason to do so.

    Edit : I should have mentioned that a Vancouver shop would be preferred with Burnaby or Richmond being a close second.
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    360 fabrication in abbotsford. They did my trucks stereo a while back.
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    I would have said Ralph's. They put the immobilizer in my wife's previous car, years later the fobs died one after another and had to get it towed.Tthe BCAA guy couldn't even find the installation, said it was the best he'd seen. Tow truck driver took it to Ralph's, dropped the keys through the mail slot after hours, it was done the next afternoon.

    Vision's has a good selection, but I had a monster pain in the ass dealing with them last time on special order stuff. They're like the Keystone Kops over there, but if you're patient they can have good prices. Can't speak to their installation skills though.

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    When I used to spend money on this kind of stuff I always went to Performance Car stereo in North Vancouver.
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