Lazy river rides
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Thread: Lazy river rides

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    Lazy river rides

    Some folks I know are talking penticton to do a drunken lazy river thing.
    That's too damn far. Anything closer? USA is a-ok too

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    Whenever I ride Highway 9 in WA near Acme, I see plenty of "tubers" floating down the river......check that out

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    penticton far? lol. not even that bad a ride.

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    Chilliwack River has numerous tubers on it. Water is pretty fast, I'd recommend a life jacket at least until Aug 15 when the flow slows down somewhat.
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    super amped up about semi-naked jello wrestling with...

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    I see kids in the coquitlam river all the time floating
    Remembering Bill Mclean.
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    the Indian reserve before coming back to Pemberton along the 99.

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    I always wanted to float down the Fraser from Hope to Richmond.
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    River of golden dreams. lotsa drunk bitches if you're into that. But Penticton is not far buddy!

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    locally Alouette kids start from allco park to 232 spray park.

    Penticton canal has nice warm water especially over the sewer out flow pipe

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