Rush hour traffic is the pits!!
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Thread: Rush hour traffic is the pits!!

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    Rush hour traffic is the pits!!

    I picked up a friend of mine at HB ferry at 430 and took off for New West. We hit the usual back up after the Hastings tunnel..nothing too bad. There was an unmarked explorer behind me so I was taking it easy and not skirting traffic. I changed lane position from 3 to 1 to merge into the HOV and some jackass in a Grand Vitara decided to accompany me in my lane! What a stupid shit!! Cop didn't do anything! Anyway....along in the HOV the traffic was horrible! The worst I have ever been in....not good at all for my bike. Then some jerkoff decided to skirt traffic in a cage..ON HIS CELLPHONE yet and zipped by about 8 of us and in front of the guy ahead of me. Well....the cop didn't like this one bit and jumped out from behind me and pulled the guy over!! HAHAHAHEHEHEHAHA stupid cagers!! Anyway after I dropped off my friend in New West I headed out to Pitt Meadows to stop in on Randy Cook and rode back with a couple of guys from the North Shore.

    All in all it was a great day!!
    I ride purely, and only, because it is fun.

    I ride because I love freedom, independence, and the movement of the ground beneath me.

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    Good eye spotting the unmarked ExPLODer in your rearviews. Dunno if I would've noticed it given the useless mirrors on my VTR.....

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    I was gonna say lane spilt time, but good thing you caught the explorer. Damn cops.

    but also, damn idiots on the HOV lane.

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    im going down king george sotuh to whiterock, wanna have left on #10 backed up to the lights, finally get on #10 and its backed up as far as i can see, so i jet left onto the next main street and head north to 88th, this road isnt to bad, get onto 88ths and its backed up far east , slow going expecially the closer i get to 176th, finally hang left on 176th and get onto the #1 highway then it slows right down to walking pace by 264th picks up again later on, in abby it slows down again to same kinda speed...

    stupid cages

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    that's why bikes should come with missile launchers!

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    Originally posted by Crabalocker
    that's why bikes should come with missile launchers!

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    Cars that 'share' a lane with me find knuckle imprints in thier doors.


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    I woke up kinda late today.
    Was late to work had to stay in.
    Didn't feel like making lunch so didn't. Super busy today too.
    Took a nap in the middle of the day too when nobody was watching. Had a nice game of fooseball, lost on the money ball. I haven't played goalie for a while...

    Went to legends, watched the game, ate hot wings.
    Now working on my essay.

    traffic was ok. some lamer in a recent 320 bimmer was racing on granville in the morning. and some fgt decided to pull out 3/4 into my lane before stopping (s/he was at a STOP sign). Other than traffic was ok.

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