so i'm going to be buying 'bertyzfr1''s R6 and i need money to pay for it. :0)

so here are all the useless stuff that has been collecting dust in my room. everything still works and i can help you install it into your system for you if you'd like.

Hauppauge WinTV PCI theatre TV tuner card for the PC
works alongside your video card and allows you to watch TV on your computer. you can also capture video and turn your computer into a digital VCR. works for Win98SE, Win2000, and WinXP. one of the best cards to capture with. i have an extra one in my computer that i use to capture cartoons. $70

Asus GeForce 2 GTI 32MB AGP video card
it's a video card. let's you play CS really well. comes with 3d glasses. (this is not GF MX) $80

PCI & ISA network cards
some are 10, some are 10/100. they dont need drivers since Win2k and WInXP already have generic drivers for them. $10

Roller-hockey wheels
size HI-LOW. outdoor wheels for your rollerblades. $35 for 8 wheels! i'm pretty confident in saying that $35 bucks for 8 wheels is one of the best prices you can find in the GVRD.

please PM me if interested. thanks