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Thread: Strider bikes.

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    Strider bikes.

    I've seen a couple of guys on here have bought strider bikes for the kids/grand kids. And the ones that were posted were fairly cool looking bikes that carried wee motorcycle colors.

    So now the grandson is on his way here and I'm in the market. Preferably for painted wooden ones. Any suggestions for local sellers?
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    KTM sell a neat looking one. Not cheap though. $130-140.
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    We've used Stryder and a wooden one, Skuut. Both are well made. That said, the Skuut was not able to withstand me backing over it in my car. lol
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    We had an Addams one I peeled the stickers off. We ran it, loaned it out when it was outgrown and then sold it for what it cost me.

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    FWIW, there's a toy store on east side of commercial (N of 1st somewhere) that sells high-quality wooden ones.
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    Smart move. I know you're really replacing the Honda with something safer ;P

    I saw a place on Commercial that sells them a while back.

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    We have a 10" adams. It's metal, but it's worked well and withstood a lot of abuse.. ie me riding it with my daughter on the handlebars... lol you can get them basically anywhere.
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    Had a adams/noroco for my daughter, pretty tough bike, wish wheels were rubber, the plastic numbers look worn after a month of usage, heavy bike for when they first start.
    Got a fancy wooden one that looked like a mini kawi, it sucked, heavy, terrible seat for the kids.
    Had a cheap $20 unit from winners for my son, it was a awesome bike, should have bought them all up. Light, neon wheels for extra speed, and tires were rubber.
    Got a fancy balance bike that converted to a pedal bike, sounds good on paper, but reality it sucked.

    Every week a new variation comes out, check out the bikes shops, they tend to carry more of the non wooden ones.
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    Adams/Norco are now defunct. No longer made. Stryder is the only metal bike made still. Wooden bikes can be found at places like Toys R Us, but I'd suggest a metal bike, like the Stryder. I got mine at Cambie Cycles for my nephew.
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    we went to dunbar cycles to see both metal (giant pre pushbike) and wood (early rider balance bike)
    went with the giant

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    I did my research on balance bikes before I bought my son a Strider.

    Many wooden ones are quite heavy, and not as strong. The Strider was expensive, but it's stupid light. And trust me, it makes a difference when you have to carry the tired child AND the bike back because they spent all of their energy riding there, and have non left to ride back. The light weight also gives the child more confidence, as well as allow them to move, pickup, or unstuck their bikes without you having to go help. (I'm lazy)

    The new gen Strider also has revised (smaller) seat and grips. It also has the lowest starting height. It is the best choice if you want to start them young.

    I got one just after my son turned 2. He decided all by himself to lift his legs and balance in less than 4 months.

    Btw, he calls it his "motorcycle". I guess it makes sense since it doesn't have pedals.

    There's a few videos of him riding the Strider on my YouTube channel if you're interested:

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