2006 Yamaha R6 - Adjustments for Fit
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Thread: 2006 Yamaha R6 - Adjustments for Fit

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    Question 2006 Yamaha R6 - Adjustments for Fit

    Hi all,

    I've had my 2006 Yamaha R6 for about 2 seasons now and I've realized that I'm not that comfortable on it. I'm an in-shape guy and don't mind aggressive positions (I am very comfortable on my triathlon bike w/ aero-bars for example), but I'm wondering what adjustments I can make to have a more even distribution of body weight.

    I'm 6'1" and 190lbs with a lean build.

    Here's what I experience on the R6:

    When I ride I have a natural tendency to hug the tank with my legs. The forward slope of the seat and where my feet are on the pegs have my butt sliding forward into the tank and I also like the control of my quads around the tank.

    The problem with this is that with my crotch in the tank my torso feels too long for the bike and i find myself turtling a bit to stay in tuck and my arms are holding a lot of vertical weight above the handle bars.

    To get more comfortable I can straighten out my back and use more of my sit bones on the seat by sliding my butt back on the saddle and pushing my crotch away from the tank. To stop from sliding forward again sometimes I use my legs against the sides of the tank.

    Anyways, I'm thinking if I could get more length, or the illusion of more length on the bike it might be a much better ride.

    Should I adjust the footpegs or is there some other adjustment I can do? Is anyone else 6'+ and have similar issues?


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    Very tall for an R6 with riding ergos that definitely have you over the front wheel. Try a set of clipons with risers. You could probably do a 1 inch rise on an R6 without running into problems with the bars hitting the fairing when you turn them from full lock left, to full lock right. Many manufacturers of aftermarket clipons out there. I've used Woodcraft clipons with 1 inch risers on my GSXR750 and RC51 and they worked well to alleviate some of the same symptoms you are describing. Granted, it won't solve them. Its a Supersport, and you are limited on how high you can raise the clipons.

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    Do you have tank grips? I had the same problem with sliding too forward on my bike but that solved it.

    If your crotch is smashing the tank that doesn't leave much for your inner thigh to hold onto your tank either. Try moving back to where you have a good solid amount of your thighs slapped against the tank.

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    They don't make riser bars for that bike, I had one, hated it for the aboved mentioned reasons. 6' 200lbs. 3 weeks, sold it. Bought an 04 10R.....way better.

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    You're not alone. I'm 6'3", and feel like a gorilla trying to fornicate with a kitten. For me, it's mostly my legs feeling too bunched-up; so I suppose some adjustable rearsets may be on my Winter mod list. Yet as ridiculous and awkward as it can feel, my R6 still leaves me smiling every time

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