Dyna beads in Abbotsford
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Thread: Dyna beads in Abbotsford

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    Dyna beads in Abbotsford

    I will be heading south of the boarder in the morning and noticed a bit of vibration from my tire at I5 speeds. Does anyone know where I could find some dynabeads in Abbotsford ? At a shop that will install them would be perfect, but I can do myself if need be.


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    there's a bunch of places on the south end of the granville strip towards the bridge that should have beads.



    you mean for tires.

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    Get your tire balanced properly or looked at instead of trying to
    patch it with those garbage beads.....unless you ride a non sport
    bike, like a cruiser, then they may work. My experience is nothing
    but bad with the one time I tried them, not by choice, by default.
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    Valley Yamaha (Chilliwack) has a great service shop. I know you said Abby, but if you're passing through in the AM.....might be able to squeeze in an, ahem, balance for you.

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    holy shit i had a V65 Magna way back when. Crazy fun to ride and if you knew me you would laugh. I am totally on my toes on that thing. Torque on tap is what we used to say. I only switched to sportbikes because i went on a run through UBC late 80s (when you could go fast) and Ben turned his FJ600 into T1 and I shit my pants and then dragged mt bike through.

    Got an FZ750 the next month.

    good luck on your hunt and have a safe trip.

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    i used the dyna beads ... they gooped up and they caused wear on the inside of my tires ..... now i have and am using www.ride-on.com and i have been 165 km (in the states sustained speed ) with zero issues
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    I know someone who was looking into the dyno beads. Ended up going with a balancing gel/sealant instead, similar to what way said.

    He got it done at bmw motorrad in victoria... check out your local dealer

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