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Thread: Wheelies.

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    Whach u talkn bout Willis Array smokedvw's Avatar
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    its got 2 wheels


    Ok I have been trying to get the second gear wheelie happening.
    I can do first gear and try to change gears but this does not work. I can not get the clutch in fast enough to regain the momentum. When I just skip the clutch and slip it into 2nd it comes down anyways.

    I have tried getting into second then trying but with little to no luck. I have noticed from watching videos ppl, that they seem to push down on the front then pull and give throttle at the same time.

    I am just wondering how to get it to work.

    ps: im using a KLR 650 but will get a sport bike soon so tips for either one would be good.

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    Sounds like you need to get the front end higher in first gear before you shift , don't use the clutch.....just power shift (no clutch) and make sure you wack that throttle back on fast.

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