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Thread: Franken-burger

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    Inbetween bikes now. Thanks for bringing up bad feelings.


    It's not Soylent Green but I wouldn't call it meat either.
    Life is an STD with no cure and 100% fatality rate.

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    This is a huge break through, and no, I still eat real meat from animals. But if you think of long term space travel, which is a most likely thing in the future, even though it looks like space travel to another planet is impossible, the limits of man is only because of the limits of design. What we think now, and what we will know in the future are two different things. Man kind is moving fast in all directions, let's just hope he starts to get it right!

    A McDonald's on Mars?
    That crap will still taste the same, no matter where you eat it!
    As Einstein stated: "All our lauded technological progress -- our very civilization -- is like the axe in the hand of the pathological criminal."

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    I too agree this is a big break through. Perhaps now with stem cells I can finally satiate my cravings for human flesh without being morally and ethically wrong.

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