Warning for dasein: Intent to cause moderator grief
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Thread: Warning for dasein: Intent to cause moderator grief

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    Warning for dasein: Intent to cause moderator grief

    User: dasein
    Infraction: Intent to cause moderator grief
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    Administrative Note:
    Grow up

    Message to User:
    Jay, I try to be fair, show some class, not give you an actual infraction, but send you a private message, and you chose to continue like a child starved for attention, post my PM publicly, and again, try to call out Sikorsky in your all too common passive aggressive manor.

    Again, out of context, unprovoked. Your rationale is pathetic, and your intent is to cause others gief.

    I hate giving out infractions, it's beyond rare, as I believe in a quick chat, and anyone with an ounce of respect and understanding, is usually pretty cool with most. You seem to not really give a shit, and feel it's your duty to try and make it difficult for others....not cool.

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    I wish.
    Entirely on board with this. Nice work.
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