Bike pulls to right on wheelie
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Thread: Bike pulls to right on wheelie

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    Bike pulls to right on wheelie

    Went out today with the small group we have in PG to do some wheelies..

    Practiced the weekend before and I can finally do 1st to 2nd gear wheelies (sitting down) maybe 80% of the time and keep the bike up..

    Today I managed first time ever to do a 1st to 2nd to 3rd wheelie (YAAA!) (didn't have it up in 3rd too long cause I was gonna hit the ditch, plus powering out :-)

    I also did a 2nd to 3rd wheelie and kept it up for a while as well.


    MY wheelies pull to the right.. WHY ME??!?!??!?!

    Yes, I try turning the tire, I try leaning, moving my ass abit (hard to do some times)
    Bike pulls till I am gonna hit the shoulder, then I bring the tire back down and turn.

    I had this problem before and it went away, or i fixed it but I dont know how..

    Some times when I wheelie the bike goes straight.

    Anyone else have this problem?

    Seems like when I pull on the bars (bounce up) it does it more then when I power it up with no bounce (harder to do for me)

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    Its because 99% of roads are tilted to the right for drainage.2 ways to do it.Fish turns his handlebars to shift his weight,I shift my seat weight.Don't bother leaning,doesnt really work.Thats it and practice.

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    if you're having to shift twice it means you're accelerating too fast making the bike wanna stay straight. learn where the bikes balance point is and a small shift in weight will point you where you wanna go. remember when people always say "look where you wanna go", that helps too. am i wrong J.B.?

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    Originally posted by MiniMike
    if you're having to shift twice it means you're accelerating too fast making the bike wanna stay straight. learn where the bikes balance point is and a small shift in weight will point you where you wanna go. remember when people always say "look where you wanna go", that helps too. am i wrong J.B.?
    I find looking on either side of the bike works good (or at least me). Look to where you wanna go and nuturally the bike will go that way. Cheers

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    good posts..thx 4 the info....Knowledge is power

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    it's the road or your back wheel could be out a bit... just lean the other way

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    do standups...they are easier to steer, at least for me...

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    If I pull em up real nice and easy using only the motor then they go straight.

    I think when I am pulling em up I am pulling harder on 1 arm then the other

    I am working on it, but not this weekend as it is snowing damn it.

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    Update Guys

    Well I am all excited and happy today.. Sore legs, shaking even.

    I went out today and practiced more wheelies, I put my ass on the clutch side of the bike and pulled up a 1st gear and managed to get the bike to pull to the left side (instead of the right)

    Then I was doing 1st gears and managed to move my butt around the seat alittle and make the bike semi turn (enough to correct the pulling to the right a few times..

    Practice makes perfect I guess. Did some 1st to 2nd gears and moved my butt when I had time to correct the pull to the right (I am not perfect at it but some times now I can straighten it if its not pulling too hard already to the right..)

    Then after reading up on stand ups here and watching guys do it on the net. I pulled my first 2nd gear stand up (well for about 10 feet I think)

    Practiced it for a while, and I can hold em up for quite a while now. till redline I am guessing (or close to the rpm limiter)

    Its not easy to fully stand up on the bike cause I am so tall. I usually semi crouch. But I am getting better, and I can usually fully stand up now on a wheelie..

    1st gear stand ups are iffy but the bike is so jerky in 1st.

    3rd gear, not yet. motor is crying a bit. Plus I am not about to try to switch gears in a stand up yet...

    Man you are high up when you do a stand up. I am 6'3..... When I am fully standing my handlebars are near my waist .

    I am just excited. adrelenin (spelling?) is pumping right now.

    I totally under stand what you guys mean now by bounce it up before you pull it up. what a difference.

    One thing tho, It is semi windy today and when I am doing my stand up, the rear wheel starts to wobble abit from side to side (not every time but close)

    I seen that guy on the net do a stand up and his wobble got real bad and he fell (I think he died too)..

    Any way to correct that? Is it that bad?

    I find now its easier to pull up a stand up then a normal wheelie now. I can do it at lower revs too (takes less HP to pull up)

    Anyhow off to work guys. thanks for your help.. I can totally see how you could steer a stand up wheelie around..

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    Oh yeah my stoppies are coming along decently now.. not too high and its isn't smooth yet. but heck its scary some times.

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    bro, do you even ride in a straight line? #1 asshole
    u need to post pics Darrell
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    tiz Red.
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    When I buy my digital camera I'll have pics..
    Maybe tommorow since I got paid tonight.

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    Yeah right!
    oh i feel for your fork seals...

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    Fork seals can be replaced, I did replaced a few on my dirt bike..

    Its just a bike, I dont like how some people thing the bike is like glass ware or something..

    Anyhow, back to my never fu*king ending pull to the right..

    I been thinking a while on this, yes it pulls big time to the right, in 2nd gear only while sitting down..

    My chain is probley streched a little bit atleast now (I've adjusted it a few times.(

    I am starting to think having a loose chain, maybe with the rear tire being farther back is causing the bike to pull?

    I am a big guy, like 255 pounds..

    Help a guy out..

    (by the way, my standups are coming along nicely, (and they dont pull to the right (go figure)

    WHY ME?! pull to the left geeze.. ahhhhh damn.


    check the front page, first 2 pics are me doing standup (well I am learning k)

    first pic the guy too the picture too soon etc..

    Damn it pull to the left..

    The green bike is Lar (he's on this site)

    Goto the web page to get the larger picture..

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