Hope - Princeton hail storm yesterday
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Thread: Hope - Princeton hail storm yesterday

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    Hope - Princeton hail storm yesterday

    I went through a severe hailstorm yesterday evening around 5pm travelling westbound up the Sunday Summit. There was around 1 inch of white stuff accumulated and 70% of the cars were stopped on the side of the road. My van made it through OK with a new set of Michelin Defenders. I saw a few cruiser bikes about to come into it westbound, but no sportbikes.

    Anybody get trapped? It was the worst hail storm I've ever driven through.

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    Was probably connected to the big ol' thunder and lightning storm that hovered over and around Chilliwack around the same time. Crazy crazy long thunder rolls and very bright lightning flashes.

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    I got caught in a hailstorm in Yellowstone last year. The light sprinking rain changed fast when the lightning struck. Had to put my rain gear on overtop of my hail covered mesh jacket then ride through it since it was coming down so hard with no sign of stopping. Was dang cold. Bike tracked through it ok though. Was freaky. My hands nearly froze off too.

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    Princeton had a severe thunderstorm warning for Sunday afternoon, so I took my truck to Penticton after lunch for a visit. Good thing. Coming home I ran through some heavy rain in sections that would have been un-doable on a bike. Arriving back in town about 4:30 the sky west toward Manning Park was as dark and as angry as I've ever seen it.

    A guy at work was caught out in the hail storm and he thought his truck was going to be dimpled like a golf ball. It weathered the storm. Ford tough.
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    95redrado was caught in it on his r6... I chuckled when I saw his facebook status and picture.

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    that's crazy. a group of us got caught in similar conditions back in 2003 heading towards princeton. i had a new bike (my favourite sport bike) and was having a blast until literary coming out of a corner, after one of those hairpins, i see a car tire tracks in the snow/hail. i could not believe it. i could see clear sky in the distance and i knew the road was going to descend so i chose to stick it in third and without touching anything else i coasted down to town. there was so much wet snow sticking to my visor i could not keep up wiping it of.
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    Yoikes !

    Cali trip last year had a similar (short-lived) hail
    and snow experience !

    Weather FTW...

    Not !
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